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3 Secrets To Getting The Best Looking Lawn On The Block

#1) Water the Lawn Properly! While you may think giving your lawn a drink everyday is beneficial, any lawn pro will tell you its better to water deeply and less frequently!

#2) Pull weeds right after it rains or after a watering! It's easier to pull and you are more likely to get the entire root!

#3) Make Sure Water Has a Place To Go! Does your lawn have wet patchy spots after it rains? Nothing ruins a nice lush lawn like muddy, brown spots. If your lawn looks like this, read how we can solve your problem here!

Let us help you make your yard, your happy place. Our award winning team at Advanced Lawn & Landscape, has served over 2000+ happy neighbors in your community. Our local, family-ran team would love to serve you! Request your free no obligation quote now at:

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